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Hava Java:

Located on Elgin street: This place is not hard to miss cause its so tiny! This place is Organic and amazing for coffee lovers. Everything I've tried so far was just succulent. This place is a fun hang out place with friendly staff and good taste. 9.9/10 Rate on over all store, service and taste. A Must for Coffee Lovers.

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A family run coffee house that specializes in free trade and organic coffee, Hava Java is the place to go for a comfy atmosphere. Not only are they known for their high-quality coffee, but also for their Italian style Paninis – always grilled to perfection. They also carry various classic sandwiches and wraps, salads, soups, pastries and light breakfast options. Hava Java is a fun place to go to with friendly staff; if you’re a coffee lover, you must go here. Hardly anyone who goes there is disappointed with the service or food, making it an excellent location. It’s a smaller coffee house, so be sure you don’t miss it.
For those of you who like to do your work in coffee houses, Hava Java has free WiFi!
Definitely Order: panini, espresso

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