To all our loyal and valued HAVA Java clients.


It has been a pleasure serving you for the past years, but it pains us that we will be closing our doors as we are changing Owners effective May 31 2013. 


We regret to inform our clients that this will be the end, and we will miss you from the day to day smiles you have brought us.


Thank you for your support during our time here. 


Robert and Sara 


Ps we hope to see you when we relocate in the near future. 


Gotta . . . Hava Java!

Come and visit Hava Java, Ottawa’s finest independent Coffee Shop since 1992. Not only do we have organic and fair-trade coffee for the ethical connoisseur, but we have the finest Paninis, great salads and many other delectable, nutritious items for your lunch or snacking needs. We are a small, cozy community shop, always ready to give you a smile, provide free internet access, and great service!

Hava Java Hospitality

Enjoy your morning coffee while you peruse one of the three daily papers on hand, or while you surf the Internet through the café’s free wireless service. Come down and stay awhile!

Point of View

Fair trade started for all the right reasons, and many third world producers benefitted as a result. Not only that but as “fair trade” became popular, it has become mainstream.

However, the little guys are still suffering, as many coffee producers are too small to get fair trade certified, and, today’s Ma and Pa coffee shops don’t have the marketing $ to compete with the big guys and their "ethical" coffee. This is an interesting contradiction then: fair trade has become big business that does not help the little guys any longer, but instead provides them with barriers to market entry and success.

For more on fair trade coffee check out our Coffee Chat! :)